He-Man Alarm Clock

I've been playing around with the Voice Recorder IC's that were used on the Staples Easy Button Mod.  The uses seem endless, however one thing comes to mind.  From my childhood one of the toys that I remember really wasn't a toy - but a clock.  Yes, there was a talking "Masters of the Universe" alarm clock that had this really obnoxious dialogue.  Then, the idea for a totally useless (and fun) project was born:

What if the dialogue from the He-Man clock were extracted and replaced the beeper on an ordinary digital alarm clock?

The New and Improved Masters of the Universe Alarm Clock

Staples Easy Button Mod

 The EASY - Easy Button Mod Sometimes "That was easy!" does not appropriately express one's feelings...

 The NOT SO EASY - Easy Button Mod If you are just tired of hearing the same voice, a quick resistor change can bend the pitch / sampling rate for added enjoyment.

 Printed Circuit Board made in conjunction with Talking Alarm Clock project. 

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